Priorities, KY, where are they?

I found this article over at Pharyngula that concerns the new budget of KY for the 2012-2013 year. What’s neat-o about this budget is that there’s a $50 million cut from K-12 education and a $43 million dollar tax break for, get this, a Bible-themed amusement park AND $11 million allotment for fixing the interchanges etc. for the highways around the “park”. Here’s the Link to the article.

I’m a temporary resident of Kentucky, so that’s fantastic. Anyway, does this make sense?

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One response to “Priorities, KY, where are they?

  1. I would much rather see the antithesis, whereby all ecclesiastical property is taxed by the county assessor’s office like any other estate. If churches, temples, and mosques are so concerned about the world they can really help by paying for something tangible to fire and police protection of their flocks and herds and other assorted gregarious mammalian cabal adjectives. While it is true some ecclesiastical institutions do varying levels of charitable work, both domestic and overseas, it seems unjustified to give preferential status to one type of institution. Many individuals and organizations with less money than the Catholic Church or Southern Baptist convention are taxed that do good works too.

    P.S. I am really, really hoping my relative didn’t vote for that Kentucky budget (she’s in the state house) but I really am not sure if I want to find out.

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